November 16, 2009

Gray dominates an industrial morn
As skyscrapers facades are battered once more
Amidst the air sunlight is forlorn
As clouds upon my face are worn.
Yet in my mind she glitters still
As she has and always will.

May’s bright flowers have been refined
As with the market she becomes entwined
Atop their walls I dared to climb.
Yearning a glimpse of her to find.
Down below rich men did toil
Seeking my love again to foil.

I deign not my life to dedicate
Eternally to emotions that were disclaimed
Still the heart languishes aflame
While mechanical sounds pulsate her name.
Had paths crossed in a foregone age
Our story of love might more pages contain.

Look not to place the blame upon
The mist that shrouds the blazing sun
Taking in the air I vainly run
Away from the lie time has become.
Shackled by the legacy of gold and steel
Her hands care not my heart to heal.


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