The Walkway Leading to Bliss

November 16, 2009

Words I can’t say because of the situation at hand
Moves I can’t make because I’m as soft as the sand
Falling through the cracks of the walkway leading to bliss.

If I could kiss the feet of beauty and ask her for a wish
What could be more than to be beside you
In the morning time
As the sunrise goes down,
And we rise and fall as the moments breathe
With time suspended and reality deceived
Into leaving us alone and the eyes of the pack
Turn back, away from your glory
Which condemns their need to devour.

In a moment of confusion I discovered
Companionship lasts longer than lust.
If you will trust the ability you have to enchant
It will appear that time is a jewel
You can wear and then put up on the shelf,
In the same way I guess you know
I want you for myself.


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