Prisms Inside the Void

November 17, 2009

Undo the light and come in
Beside the hole where nothing is real
Conformity grows strong within the darkness
Amidst its own depravation.
Delineation remains a prism inside the void
Plundering your concern until
The flowers insouciantly bloom.
Laconic and dry (alone) I lie beside
The rocks of the past
Longing for the weight of them now.
The worlds humor defeats me as
The forest of Lebanon shed color revealing
The war raging across the valley.
The sunlight rise hurts my eyes to know defeat.
It’s as the workers say: only for the weekend’s play!
Knowing their minds are mesmerized the beacons line the street
Crying their call (happiness for all)
If you play along with me.
Every now and then you may find the path seem sort of strange.
How did we rise?
Whose demise fomented our seed?
It will be alright if you cry tonight
For the people in the street.
And if the feelings last
You should know the past is spotted with greed.


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