Thus David Lamented

November 17, 2009

Can’t control your emotions
I’m sure you’ll meet somebody
Someday they say is just around
The corner from the point your are inhabiting.
You’re crowding me
So back up and
Recognize my defiance.
Interaction is a science you
Haven’t pondered as you’ve
Wandered from place to place
With no hope of refuge.
I let you crash with me for a while
But before I knew it you said love and
I said enough – “get thee hence.”
Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Neb. said
Salvation through bondage is the pathway
To your soul as YHWH begat vowels.
Towels Jesus used to dry my feet after
The rainbow denounced the flood of the
Covenant of flesh being loped off the pole’s end.
After 8 days I’ll seek refuge in Makkor
And pray at the monolith, temple or synagogue.
This is before the church and mosque came,
Long before the bank on the corner of my soul
Usurped man and made him a slave
To the vocabulary of finance on
The estuary of happenstance.

They said it was good.


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