One Night Stands (Are Just as Lonely)

November 20, 2009

As a fat youth I
Was told that in time
You would not judge me by my size
Nor look at me with spiteful eyes as I pass by.
Once I became thin and
You pulled me in when
I needed to be left alone.
I ravished you and you screamed in bliss.
Never did I think I would miss
My excesses but nevertheless it’s
Come to pass that one night stands are just as lonely.
My soul mate hides from my
Hate and other problems I could not
Shed like so many inches from my
Wasted time going by as suicide fills
My mind at least with something besides
The spiteful self-pity.
Cities are like maggots rotting in the sun
Pour salt on them for fun just to watch them squirm.
The infirmary is full of wasted time
So I surmise that if I hide in my
White walled room and watch you from afar
You can’t hurt me while I
Have my way.


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