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Ti, chsh, Ts

June 5, 2011

Two blocks up from the train
I had to stop and wonder why
The pulsating incarnations of
Doubt stand in my way
Like chasms in the sidewalk?

If I fell through to know
The answers would I feel at home?
Chaos takes me there.
Form is the enemy of growth.
Around the corner in the dark light separates
The blackness from itself. Love seems
So banal. Is that its appeal?

One block up from the train
I fell and the concrete
On my face felt good.
The silence of the passing
Compassion stunned me.
What’s your name?
I don’t know. I won’t
Get up until the
Music starts again and
The air vibrates and
My insides bounce
To the unrestrained rhythm.

End of set one.